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The ultimate Caucasus adventure

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1 autonomy, 2 countries, 17 days… It’s time to step up your game, and take on the ultimate adventure.

Join us for a one-of-a-kind excursion.
Cross the Caucasus
15-31 August 2017

This is the crem-de-la-crem, the best of the best, top of the line. After years of traveling and scouting the wonders of the caucasus, we’ve decided to launch the first cross caucasus journey and combine all the best from this amazing place.

For 17 days we will mix culture tours with adventures, from jeep riding through hiking all the way to rafting. Snowy peaks, ancient cultures, amazing food and wild, pure nature.
Adventure at its best.

Why travel the Caucasus you ask? Well! Amazing views, great hospitality, lots of history, archeology, and just good ol’ wild nature. Oh, and less than 17 days is not nearly enough to experience all that this range has to offer. That’s how the cross Caucasus adventure came to be. We’ve collected the best this range of mountains has to offer and melted it into one crazy, unforgettable package.

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Day 1: Tbilisi
Welcome meeting in Tbilisi, getting to know each other, getting ready for the road, and spending the night at the city center.

Day 2: Tbilisi - Kazbegi
After breakfast we’ll drive north, visiting some nice viewpoints near water sources, historical sites and the famous skiing site “Gudauri”. From there we’ll depart to Sno Valley, to Jota village and Kazbegi by off-road driving. There we are going to pay a visit the the impressive vista from the church of Tzminada Sameba” (სამება). The night we’ll spend to the foot of Kazbegi, as we make camp near the church (cuz’ who doesn't like to wake up with a mountain above his/her head?).

Day 3: Kazbegi - Kakheti
Waking up under Kazbegi, we’ll kick our day with a light breakfast and some warm tea, and get ready for some adventure day...We’ll begin the day with some rafting between the peaks of the high caucasus ridgeline. After this morning activity (and after warming up a bit) we’ll venture on a day hike on the beautiful trail that passes through the small villages of Georgia’s wine region, Kakheti, also considered the cradle of the world’s wine culture. Along the trail we’ll make stops for lunch, and visit traditional wineries and vineyards, finishing the day with the taste of traditional wine and local cheese in our mouth. The night will be spent at a local guesthouse.

Day 4: Kakheti - Tusheti
Followed by traditional breakfast we’ll pay a visit to an impressive, high cathedral, where the monks have been making wine since the 6’th century (!).
From there we’ll start our off-road driving day in one of the most impressive mountain passes Georgia has to offer: the wild and isolated “Abano Pass”, leading us into the region of Tusheti, almost 3000 meters (9800 feet) above sea level. This night we’re going to set up camp at Omalo, one of Europe’s highest villages.

Day 5: Tusheti
On this day we’ll go out to discover the inner valleys of Tusheti, combining both off-road driving and hiking while we visit a number of tiny villages still living in the “stone age”. These villages are built on cliff edges and mountain peaks, set on tremendous heights of 2400 meters and are considered the highest villages in Europe.
This region is a very isolated one, and is inaccessible most of the year. There are only a handful of tourists and travelers who manage to get here, and the beauty of the virgin wild nature surrounding the region is striking.
Along the day we’ll taste some local food and experience the simple lives up-close and personal.  

Day 6: Tusheti - Kakheti

After eating breakfast with the locals, we’ll say goodby to the region of Tusheti, and finish our visit with a beautiful journey through forests and high mountain passes, going back to the great plains and stop for lunch in the city of Sighnaghi, the capital of Kakheti region. There we will have a stroll around the local market, afterwhich we’ll continue to the beautiful town of Telavi, one of small towns in Georgia, and a magnificent one that is.
At early afternoon we’ll have some time to relax and enjoy easy going street tours. Local accommodation.

Day 7: Kakheti - Tbilisi
We’ll depart from Sighnaghi driving fast towards Tibilisi, where we’ll depart from our vehicles and go on a tour to the fascinating local markets and the different city sites.

Day 8: Tbilisi
For the final day in Georgia we’ll have some time scouting the city, maybe even treat ourselves with a turkish hammam.

Day 9: Tbilisi - Yerevan
This day we will pass the Georgian desert and cross the Armenian border. Shortly afterwards, we will feel how everything is changing. We will ride among beautiful volcanic cones to Mount Aragats - highest peak of Armenia. After coffee break nearby the Lake Kari located 3190 m above the sea level and mostly formed by ice and snow we will continue to Yerevan.

Day 10: Yerevan
We will start our tour in Yerevan; the capital of Armenia.
We’ll organize at the hostel where we will spend the night, and then go out for a short tour in the city of Yerevan for some welcoming drinks like locals.  

Day 11: North of Armenia & Karvachar Nagorno-Karabakh
We’ll begin in the morning by receiving the jeeps that will serve us during the Pack Trip, and hit the road, passing by Sevanavank and travel along Sevan lake located 2000m above sea level making it the world’s highest, then we’ll cross the borders to Nagorno- Karabakh.
Once in Karabakh, we’ll travel along impressive canyons divided by a bombed Soviet tunnel and swim in the “Jacuzzi” or “the hot springs” of Nagorno-Karabakh, a stark contrast with the cold weather outside. The day will come to an end with a traditional meal and lodging in rural houses.

Day 12: North of Nagorno-Karabakh
In the morning, we’ll get on the road to Dadivank, from which we’ll continue to the impressive mountain range where a unique fortress can be found on top.
In the range, we’ll travel challenging terrains in roads that few travelled, park the jeeps in the heart of the forest and climb by foot to the top of the mountain to see the view from the fortress and have our lunch like the mountain shepherds.
After lunch we’ll return to the vehicles and travel through the unique paths of the villages to the monastery of Gengeser, where we’ll spend the night in the field and enjoy camp cooking.
In the morning, awaits us a special surprise!

Day 13: North of Nagorno-Karabakh

After enjoying the morning view from the top of the mountain and have ourselves some breakfast, we’ll depart for an off-road  adventure towards Agdam.
After Agdam we’ll stop for a visit to the family of our friends for a light meal, and after continue towards the capital of Karabakh; Stepanakert.
Now it’s time to visit the local market, eat traditional food, and enjoy free time to freshen up in the city.
After freshening up a bit, we’ll travel to the plane trees recognized by huge trunks that can fit a tent.
We will start a Bonfire camp, cook our food and drink from the springs.

Day 14: South of Nagorno-Karabakh

Morning starts with a small meal, then it’s time we head to the third highest summit in Nagorno-Karabakh.
Our local guide will join us for this one, and start a spectacular off-road adventure that can be found only in Karabakh. Then we’ll pay a visit to a unique village that specializes in making Vodka (and believe us, it’s REALLY hard to remain sober from now on).
While in the village we’ll go up to the starting point of the trek and go for a three hour circular walk, stop at the summit and visit a special church built on top of the mountain.
If the weather allows, we’ll visit  a village after passing an old guerrilla road opened by tanks or what we like to call a “hardcore off-road” walk in a curvy path in the thick forest.
We call it a day with a traditional meal and spend the night with a local drinking party at a unique local house.

Day 15: South of Nagorno-Karabakh

In this morning, a surprise awaits us. After an early rise, we’ll go with the villagers to care for the animals and tour the rural villages, learn how they establish an autarky system, take the animals to the pasture then go back for a traditional cooking workshop.
In the workshop, we’ll prepare unmatched traditional food called Shingalovhach and experience the taste of unique food like Popok jam.
Taking of from the village we’ll continue the day in the Cave area known for its prehistoric artifacts that are important to all of Central Asia.
After the cave we’ll travel for a special dinner with a refugee family who escaped Baku during the war and we will hear the story about the dissolution of the Soviet Union and war.
Once dinner is over,  we travel to the wild canyon for a bonfire and enjoyable camping.

Day 16: South of Armenia

In this day, an amazing trip awaits us. leaving the area early, we’ll stop for breakfast in a beautiful observation point, cross the border, and leave Nagorno- Karabakh.
Crossing South of Armenia, we’ll stop by an amazing, pagan observatory,  continue to Yerevan; capital of Armenia with the surprise to conclude the tour.

Day 17: Return Back
After our return, we’ll go out for a walk in Yerevan for as long and far as possible. From there we go to the airport and travel home.

--> Crazy off-road driving
--> Traveling in authentic, non-touristy regions
--> Visiting ancient traditions and connect with the locals
--> Wild, pure nature
--> Visiting a former war-zone up close and personal
--> A complete autarky, self sustaining community
--> One-of-a-kind tour provided exclusively by Wild-Trails

Like to know more? Check out our Q&A section!

What is the Caucasus actually?
The Caucasus is the area located between the Caspian and the black seas, and is home the Caucasus mountain ranges that set the border between Europe and Asia.

Where are we going exactly?
We’ll be crossing the countries of Georgia (including the region of Tusheti), Armenia and the republic of Nagorno-Karabakh.

What’s the currency?
Georgia - Georgian Lari
Armenia and Karabakh - Armenian Dram

Time zone?
UTC + 4

But what about food?!
Local stuff. We’re going authentic on this one guys, where the locals eat so will we.
To really experience a place, one have to “taste” it.

Where will we stay?
This trip mixes the best accommodation experience with amazing camping on wild locations as well as sleeping in local houses with families.

35% camping
35% hostels
30% local houses

Who will guide this adventure?
This adventure is led by our expert Survival and Tour Guide in the Caucasus countries Gilad Sade.
Mr. Sade built this amazing trail  after many journeys and an in depth research in the Caucasus region. He successfully established relations with the natives and local officials and secured permits to visit locations that are not open for the public.
Mr. Sade commands Hebrew and English in addition to knowledge in the Caucasus languages including Armenian.
He also has several certificates in Survival Training and First Aid and has participated in several rescue mission in the Caucasus and the Middle East.

What is the language of the adventure?
The language of this adventure is English.

The Price Includes:
--> 4×4 car rental
--> Fuel
--> Transportation from Georgia to Armenia
--> Visa to Armenia
--> Visa to Nagorno Karabakh
--> Stay in  local houses
--> Three Meals a day
--> Local and International guide
--> The best hostels in Tbilisi and Yerevan
--> Entrance fees according to the itinerary
--> Pub Crawling in the center of Yerevan

The Price does not Include:
--> Flight tickets
--> Alcohol
--> Souvenirs
--> Gratuities
--> Personal travel insurance
--> Anything that is not written or agreed upon against Wild-Trails

Important Notes:
--> The region is safe and the population is friendly.
--> This adventures is subject to the elements of weather, and political developments in the region and might require route and location changes on the spot.
--> The adventure includes further locations that are not disclosed currently and will be revealed on location.
--> Please note that with Nagorno Karabakh visa in your passport you will not be allowed to enter Azerbaijan, but don't worry, you can always ask to get it separately.


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