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Bedouin Hospitality Tour

In the Bedouin Hospitality Tour we go deep into Bedouin territory; the very desert that these nomads call home. The Bedouins we will meet with have lived in the desert for centuries, and they've preserved their lifestyle during that time, largely ignoring technological changes.  


Since the Bedouins are a fairly isolated community, the road to making this tour was a long one. After years of hard work and a lot of communication, we were able to get this tour off the ground and make Bedouin culture available to everyone! 

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We will meet at the rendezvous point and do a quick briefing before we set out with our cars into the territories.

As we delve deeper into the desert you will notice how the houses turn to shacks, the cars into donkeys, and the roads aren’t paved anymore. We are in the Bedouin land.

Once we reach the family ranch we will meet with the father of the house. From this point onward it’s a full-on cultural experience.

As we explore the village you will witness the Bedouin way of life up close and personal, and enjoy a taste of the legendary Bedouin hospitality. In the end, we will say our farewell to the family who hosted us and make our way back home.


Duration: approx 2 hours


Ages: 6 and up. Participants under 18 must have signed permission from parents or legal guardian. 


The trip and time are subject to changes according to weather, security conditions, and informed decisions made by the trip leader in the field.

The price includes:



Traditional tea and/or coffee


The price does not include:

Personal expenses

Transportation (optional)

Anything not agreed upon in advance



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