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Desert Shepherd's House

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Sleeping at the Desert Shepherd's House

Stay at the Desert Shepherd’s House and experience the life of the Palestinian Bedouins!

Located in a Bedouin village on the south of Mt. Hebron, the Desert Shepherd’s House is more than a guesthouse - it is a totally immersive experience that will give you a look into the lives of the Palestinian Bedouins.


Surrounded by rolling hills, the Desert Shepherd’s House provides a pastoral experience, with many beautiful hiking trails begging to be explored. You can also take the chance to join the shepherds for a hike as they take the sheep and goats out to graze (includes delicious Bedouin tea and many stories), or learn how make Bedouin flatbread.


The aim of this project is to make change in the region and give hope for a better future by building sustainable tourism. By staying at the Desert Shepherd’s House or joining one of the tours you help create a path of economic self-reliance for a marginalized community in the Middle East.  



Option A: Homestay

Sleep on a comfy mattress on the floor in the home of a host family - the exact same way they do! Share their sleeping space and fully immerse yourself in the way they live.  


Option B: Dorm

This is a shared room with top of the line bunk beds. With the silence of the mountain around you, you are guaranteed a great night's sleep.  

The kitchen:
Bedouins traditionally cook food over a woodburning stove that also acts as a fireplace. 

Washing facilities: 
As in-house toilets are not standard in the village, you will have the rustic experience of using an outhouse with a squat toilet. The shower itself is modern. 

A Day With the Shepherds
Behind the Fence: Palestinian Bedouins

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This is a Muslim village, so please do not bring any alcohol. 


The price includes:

Accommodations in the family's house
Bedouin tea


Price does not include:

Anything not otherwise listed, or not agreed upon in advance. 

Meal options: 
-> Breakfast 35 NIS
-> Lunch 45 NIS
-> Dinner 45 NIS


--> Sleeping with a Palestinian Bedouin family
--> Amazing view of the Judean Desert and Jordanian Mountains

To complete your amazing experience, join the great tour A Day with Palestinian Shepherds