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Poyke and bonfire activity

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What good can come out of a few wild geese in one pot you ask? Poyke! Or pojikos, depends how you want to call it. What might be the best stew pot ever, became famous by south africans, have developed over the years and established a loyal group of followers who love to cook on a cast iron pot around a bonfire. Join us for some old-school cooking under the night sky!


Over the years, Poyke evenings have become somewhat of a celebration. And why not? A group evening around the fire under the stars sure creates a great platform for everyone to have a good time. Combine that with a poyke stew - and you’ve got yourself one heck of an evening! The vegetables, roots, the spices and all the good things, slowly cooking inside the cast iron pot turning into a warm, flavourful stew…. Believe us when we say there are no words to describe.

In the end of the day, everyone goes to sleep with a smile on their face and a belly full with poyke, with a taste for more.

If reading this made you hungry, you need poyke :)

Even if you’ve eaten stews before, and we’re sure you have, poyke is a lot more than that. The fire, the atmosphere, and the food of course. All of these make for an exceptional evening.


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We’ll start by setting up the fireplace, quarantine and lighting up the firewood.

At the same time we’ll cut and prepare the vegetables and spices before we throw ‘em in the pot.

Once the pot is warm and veggies are processed, we’ll put all in the poyke pot, mix, add water, close the lid and let it cook for a good few hours.

Now we’ve got some quality time together to enjoy the desert night sky and the smell of a cooking stew.

Once the stew is ready, we’ll do our best to finish everything although we know it’s not an easy task :)

Once all is done, we’ll wrap up everything, put the fire down, clean the dishes and collecting any garbage that might have

been left behind.

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→ Vegan poyke stew made out of fresh vegetables

→ Bonfire. Everybody loves bonfires

→ A great group evening for friends, family any type of group

→ Tea made of local herbs and plants

→ Close proximity to the place of accommodation, no need to go far



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