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Rappelling & hiking in Kidod Canyon

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Depart every Monday and Thursday

There’s no need to go far to enjoy the desert… when adventure is just around the corner!
No cars
No traffic jams
Just walk out and join the adventure!

This adventure will take you the the beautiful Kidod canyon, just outside the city of Arad and under the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel! Amazing views, caves, a beautiful hiking trail and a cliff for rappelling. Desert at its best.

We will depart from the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel and hike towards the canyon. After some walking among the streets of Arad, we’ll reach the desert wilderness. We will reach a cliff and set up a rappelling spot, and make a small break to enjoy a rappelling activity in this awesome canyon. Coffee, cookies, rappelling, the whole nine yards.

After the activity we’ll wrap up and continue down to the canyon, where we’ll cross the caves and reach the awesome view points overlooking the Dead Sea and the beautiful Judean desert. We’ll finish the trail in Arad’s abandoned hotel, where we’ll enjoy a warm cup of desert herbal tea made together from natural herbs.

To wrap up, we’ll make our way back to the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel through the Moav boardwalk in a relaxed “end of day” kinda walk, enjoying the great desert views all the way back to the hostel.

This tour is a budget-friendly, simple and fun. You’re more than welcome to join us once a week to discover the desert right around the corner, with the best companions in the middle east!

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We will start the hike from the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel on the direction to Kidod Canyon, walking among the streets of Arad, we will reach the desert wilderness.

After leaving the city we will start our adventure, reaching the cliff where we’ll do rappelling.

We will finish our rappelling walking on the desert canyon, enjoying a warm cup of desert herbal tea made together from natural herbs.

After discovering the desert we will climb back to the city and walk along the Moav boardwalk, enjoying the great desert views all the way back to the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel.

Duration of activity: approx. 5 hours.

Starting point: Arad / Dead Sea Adventure Hostel / Hotels and hostels in Arad

Difficulty levels: Walking - Very easy

Age groups: All

What should you bring? 
→ A small backpack
→ 3 litres of water per person
→ Comfortable shoes
→ A hat
→ Friends

→ Budget friendly tour, everyone can enjoy a cool hiking trail and abseiling activity for a friendly price.
→ Abseiling/rappelling off a cliff overlooking the canyon and the Judean desert.
→ No driving! The adventure is around the corner, just exit the hostel and venture off.
→ Beautiful viewpoints along the trail, overlooking the great desert and the dead sea valley. You can even see the mountains of Jordan on a good day.
→ Warm tea made of local herbs and plants to enhance your desert experience.

The price includes:
→ Guidance
→ Coffee, tea and cookies supply
→ Rappelling equipment
→ A 2-way satellite emergency device - used by the guide

The price doesn’t include:
→ Personal expenses.
→ Personal equipment
→ Personal expenses coverage for any damage to the equipment due to carelessness or disobedience to the trip leader.
→ Anything that was not specified under the section “The price includes” or was not agreed in advance in writing against “Wild Trails”.


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