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Flash Flood Hunting

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Beautiful, amazing, powerful, deadly… there is so much to be said about this force of nature we call a flood. But, why talk about it when we can get close, and see it with our own eyes?

The Adventure:

The flood phenomenon happens mostly in the winter time. Adequately describing what it’s like to witness that force of nature combined with the wild desert scenery is impossible. It's a unique feeling you get when a peaceful dry channel is suddenly filled with a powerful, violent wave that takes everything with it, all in a manner of seconds! The sound of the crushing rocks, the flood and the drainage “mushrooms” in the Dead Sea, all of these create an unforgettable experience.
There’s a good reason why it’s called “flood hunting”. This hunt requires a great amount of knowledge, endless patience, and extra caution, but the worst thing - it’s highly addictive.
And provides a helluva lot of fun.

How it works:

Every time the weather forecast says there is a chance for “flash floods”, we pull out the coffee and cookie kits and set up a schedule. We begin by going over synoptic maps and start analyzing drainage basins. Eventually, we set out to the desert for some flood hunting.

Something to note:

This adventure is very spontaneous, so being ready beforehand is not always possible. The flood hunting really depends on the weather, sometimes the floods never come, so this whole tour is subject to change according to the weather and the decisions made by the guide. 

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Tour Description:

We’ll meet at the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel, and from there depart by vehicles, and analyze the maps and the terrain to find floods.

Duration of activity: varies
Starting point: Dead Sea Adventure Hostel
Difficulty level: easy
Age groups: 12 and above. Participants under 18 must have signed permission from parents or legal guardian. 

What to bring:
closed-toe shoes/boots
3 litres of water
Alway good to have a towel and second set of clothes

The price includes:
A 2-way satellite emergency device - used by the guide.
Coffee and cookies

The price does not include:
Personal expenses.
Personal equipment.
Coverage for any damage to equipment due or lack of following directions. 
Anything not specified under the section “The price includes” or not agreed upon in advance. 


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