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Desert survival course

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The Desert Survival course is a special survival challenge in which we combine an important set of skills and knowledge invaluable for every man or woman heading into the wild in general, and in this case, into the desert. Among other things, we’ll practice both new and old tools and skills that are important to master when travelling the outdoors, as well as enhancing the self-confidence of each participant. This course, or should we say – journey, is aimed for people looking to acquire important, life-saving knowledge and to hone their outdoor skills.

Purpose of this course
The main purpose of the desert survival course is to take travellers, outdoorsmen, guides and extreme sports enthusiasts, and giving them the tools needed to deal with extreme conditions, enhance their self-confidence and to further improve their survival skills.

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The route:
Usually we’ll release details about the route. Starting point, finish line and everything in between. But in this case the situation is different… you see, part of the course is to head into unknown situations, and to practice emergency scenarios. All while the participants do not know what to expect. The entire course simulates the feeling of uncertainty, and the missions along are a surprise every time…

How we do it:
We divide our lessons into two plains. The first being demonstrations and practice with the guide close by, everybody gets personal attention to achieve the best results. And the second being self-practice and use of the senses. In this part of the workshop we encourage the participants to use their curiosity and imagination to achieve their goal. We believe that an opened mind and resourcefulness are the best tools for survival. Trial and error is one of the best ways to enhance these traits.

The content:
What we’ll learn during the course includes vital knowledge we acquired and still acquiring over the years. Among our many workshops for military special units, SAR teams and extractors, both our guides and participants encounter new challenges, keeping our team in a constant learning curve. Adjusting to the unusual became a usual thing for us.

Subjects learned

→ Terrain analysis
→ Guidelines of survival
→ Managing emergencies
→ Function of the mind and the body
→ Chronicle of disasters
→ The right way for travelling
→ Alternative tools and methods
→ Food prep and outdoor cooking
→ Useful vegetation
→ Climate
→ Principles of movement and mobility in the field
→ Use of ropes and cordage to overcome obstacles
→ Techniques for crossing water sources (according to the state of the pool/stream)
→ Water in the desert – finding, purifying and extracting
→ Shelters
→ Fire-craft
→ Communicating during emergencies
→ And much much more


→ Great mood 
→ Hiking shoes/boots. Sandals and the like will not be allowed
→ A comfortable backpack up to 60 litre volume
→ Lightweight sleeping bag that can withstand cold temperatures
→ Clothing: wide brim hat, long and light cloths for the daytime, warm insulating clothing for the night.
→ Fire kit tools: ferro-rod, cotton balls, self-made charcoal/cloth, storm-proof matches and the likes
→ Durable, sharpened knife
→ Nylon sheet 2.5*2.5 meters (8.2*8.2 feet)
→ Personal mess kit (pot/mug + utensils)
→ 6 litres of water (1.6 US gallons)
→ Empty 1.5 litre (96 oz) plastic bottle, preferably a dispensable one
→ Water purification means
→ 10 meters (30 feet) of cordage (paracord, bank line etc)
→ Optional: compass, Israel trail map no. 11, small non-removable markers, notebook+pen, phone (remains shut during the course)


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