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Hiking in Israel - Mishmar Canyon

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Adventurers, are you in for a hike? Mishmar Canyon is just for you!  Book with WILD-TRAILS for a spectacular experience.

The Adventure:

Mishmar Stream (Nahal Mishmar) cuts through the rocks of the Judean desert. The stream trail is surrounded by wild cliffs reaching great heights, looking as if they touch the clouds. Below the stream’s highest waterfall lies Ein Mishmar (Mishmar fountain), a water source used by the surrounding wildlife.

Crossing the stream combines the use of stakes, climbing rock obstacles, passing through pools, and provides a close encounter with the canyons of the Judean desert.

This hike will be guided by a professional guide from ‘’Wild Trails Adventure Co.’’ which specializes in that field. Even if you’ve crossed a few streams before, this is your chance to enjoy a quality, professional guided tour.
This hike can be adjusted for group guiding, combine extra activities and attractions, camping and more… if you are interested in a custom hike according to your specifications,

This trip will leave you an indelible memory and outstretched mind, even if you have already explored many canyons before.

The price includes:

  • Guidance.
  • A 2-way satellite communication device for any kind of emergency event that might happen (will be held by the trip leader).
  • Coffee, tea and cakes throughout the hike. 

The price does not include:

  • Personal expenses.
  • Transportation (Extra service)
  • Personal equipment or any gear that is written in the gear requirements appendix (please let us know in advance and we will try to help you get all the necessary gear for the trip).
  • Personal expenses coverage for any damage to the equipment due to carelessness or disobedience to the trip leaders.
  • Anything that was not specified under the section “The price includes” or was not agreed in advance in writing against “Wild-Trails”.
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Trail Description:

We’ll start with a gathering at the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel

From there, we’ll take off by vehicles to the stream’s access road there we will begin our hike. Should we sleep under the sky the night before, we’ll do so in the stream’s camping ground near the access road. No need to mention, but falling asleep will be done ONLY after we fill our bellies with food.

To warm up, we’ll start by climbing up the Mishmar trail, a relatively easy trail, and at the end of it, we’ll begin to see signs that the fountain is close by. After another short hike, we’ll arrive at the fountain where a lunch break will take place.

After lunch, we’ll begin going down the stream and entering the narrow canyon from which we’ll exit the stream. In the canyon, we’ll face the stakes, the obstacles and the pools, that with a bit of luck, will be filled with water and make this hike all the more memorable.

In the end, should we want and be able, we could visit some natural hot springs and enjoy another great experience.

You love this trip but cannot join in regular days? Click the INQUIRE BOOKING button and ask about a convenient day for you!

Duration of hiking: approx. 6 hours.

Starting point: Arad / Dead Sea Adventure Hostel / Hotels around the Dead Sea and Jerusalem.

Difficulty levels: Walking - moderate

Age groups: 14 and above. Participants under 18 must file a permission signed by their parents or a legal guardian.

Necessary experience: There is no need for previous experience.

Trail length: 8 kilometers.

What shall I bring: 

Full shoes and hat / 4.5 liters of water / a backpack / sunblock / snacks / some dry-bags (can be purchased at the spot) / a towel and some extra clothes for the end of the trail- in responsibility of the participant.

The trip and times subject to changes according to weather conditions, security conditions and decisions made by the trip leader in the field.


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