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Adventure Tour to Nagorno-Karabakh

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This unique adventure with Wild-Trails will take you on the most exciting tour of Nagorno-Karabakh and will show you the hidden beauty of the Lesser Caucasus. In order to help the region we will be visiting, 5% from the cost of the tour will be donated to HALO Trust, the only agency clearing minefields and cluster munition strikes in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Do you dare to travel where few go?

Sign with us and have a unique, rarely-experienced adventure!

What does an adventure with Wild-Trails look like?

This adventure is AUTHENTIC and LOCALLY FLAVORED. Forget about being a tourist - roll up your sleeves becase we’re getting our hands dirty.  

As we drive soviet 4×4 cars and hike the 3rd highest mountain in Nagorno-Karabakh, we will come in close contact with locals. We will lodge in their wood & stone homes, some of which are more than a 100 years old, and listen to their stories about the Soviet Union & the Karabakh war.

We will learn about the Loutraki farm style, tend to animals with the farmers, and cook with the locals.

We will taste the best food this region has to offer, straight from the ovens of old women and from the local bazaars and markets.

We will traverse thick forests where guerilla combats took place, drive through the rugged roads opened by military tanks, pass military zones and reach villages, old heritage sites, and old churches and monasteries with special permits.

We will set up camp, swim, cook, dance and laugh like there is no tomorrow.

So are you in?

Don't know much about Nagorno-Karabakh?

Don't worry, our Q&A section tells it all.

Q & A

Where is Nagorno-Karabakh?

With an eye on Russia and Azerbaijan to the North, deep roots with Armenia to the West, and a strategic alliance with neighboring Iran from the South, Nagorno-Karabakh remains to this day a frozen conflict zone recognized by very few nations.

What about the population?

This landlocked region is home 140.000 people: mostly Christian with a minority of Kurds. It is defiant and uncompromising with its independence and unique character.  

How about the landscape?

As its name suggests, which is a mixture of Russian, Turkish and Persian words literally translated to mean “Mountainous Black Garden”, the landscape is wild, pristine, and varied, characterized by evergreen forests, Alpine peaks, flat valleys, and the most amazing canyons and rivers.

Recognized by few, the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is one of the least travelled regions in the world, and it is one of the most beautiful and interesting.

What is the currency in Nagorno-Karabakh?

The Armenian Dram

Are there any geopolitical logistics to travelling to Nagorno-Karabakh? 

Visitors to Nagorno-Karabakh can obtain a visa once arriving in the capital, Stepanakert. Wild-Trails coordinates all of the logistics. Travellers should be aware that Azerbaijan denies entry to anyone who has travelled to Nagorno-Karabakh. 

What is the time zone?

Armenia Time Zone

What will we eat?

On this tour of Nagorno-Karabakh you will not lack for delicious, fresh, and unique cuisine.

Like Armenian food, the food in Nagorno-Karabakh contains lots of vegetables, herbs, cheese, and meat.

There are also specialty dishes that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, like Jengalov Hats.  This dish is made from dough stuffed with a blend of 15 different wild herbs that grow only in mountains with an altitude of more than 2000m.

There is also the Ghapama; a pumpkin stuffed with bulgur, fruits, and delicious wild honey. Another amazing dish is made from Aveluk, also known as Moutain Sorrel, a plan that grows in Alpine areas and is eaten with Yoghurt and the local lavash bread.

What is the weather like in Nagorno-Karabakh?

Because of the different altitudes at which we will travel, it is a mixture of hot and cold weather with possible rain. Make sure to layer up.  

Where will we stay?

This trip mixes all the best accommodation experiences, with camping in wild locations as well as sleeping in local houses with families.

20% camping

20% hostels

60% local houses

Who will guide this adventure?

This adventure is led by our expert Survival and Tour Guide in the Caucasus, Gilad Sade.

Gilad built this amazing trail after many journeys and in-depth research in the Caucasus region. He successfully established relations with the residents and local officials of Nagorno Karabakh, and secured permits to visit locations that are not open for the public.

Gilad speaks Hebrew and English, and knows some Armenian. 

He has several certificates in Survival Training and First Aid and has participated in several rescue mission in the Caucasus and in the Middle East.

What is the language of the adventure?

The language of this adventure is English.

Join us now, and discover the unexplored beauty of Nagorno Karabakh!

From ILS 3'500

+2 Additional options

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Day 1:

We will meet in the morning in Yerevan; the capital of Armenia. We’ll get to know one another, finalize our visas to Nagorno-Karabakh, socialize with the locals and have a taste of Armenian nightlife.

Day 2:

We will receive our Soviet jeeps and cross the Armenian highway that leads to Iran overlooking Ararat Mountain where Noah’s Ark landed, passing near the Nakhichevan border.

We will spend the night in a village in Kashatagh region enjoying the company of the locals.

Day 3:

We will drive north passing the border to Hadrut region. We will visit an ancient church and reach the farthest and wildest villages in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Day 4:

We will climb the third highest mountain in Nagorno-Karabakh. Then we will drive to Hadrut and enjoy the beauty this town has to offer. We will drive to an ancient village and sleep in traditional houses built thousands of years ago.

Day 5:

After breakfast, we will drive to Azokh cave, then continue to see a tree that is over two thousand years old. From there, we will drive to Shushi, then to Stepanakert. We will spend the night in the city.

Day 6:

We will drive to the ancient ruins of Tigranakert then to the thirteenth century Gandzasar Monastery. We’ll camp overnight by the Wall of License Plates which were abandoned by Azeris during the war.

Day 7:

We will drive to the Hot Springs of Pokr Jekmadjur in the Shahumian region of Nagorno Karabakh. On the way we’ll pass the memorial of tanks and the sandstone memorials of the Armenian fighters who lost their lives during the two wars. Then we will go to Dadi Vank passing via the bombed tunnel. We will pass the highest inhabited village in Karabakh.

Day 8:

We will visit the monastery of Tsar which was built in 1301 and deliberately destroyed by Azerbaijan during the Soviet era.  Then we will say goodbye to Karabakh, and drive to Sevan lake; the highest lake in the world. We will finish the day in Yerevan.
We ill end the tour with great evening, exploring night life of yerevan.

The Highlights of the Trip:

→ Visit North and South of Nagorno-Karabakh.

→ Visit North and South of Armenia.

→ Jeep Rides.

→ Swimming in the Hot Springs of Karabakh.

→ Visit to Stepanakert; the capital.

→ Trekking the 3rd higest summit.

→ Visits to churches, monasteries, and mosques.

→ Traditional cooking workshops.

→ Caving in prehistoric cave.

→ Bazaar in Caucasus, lots of tasty food. 

→ Sevan lake; the highest lake in the world.

→ Meet locals and experience Armenian and Karabakh culture.

→ Camping in most beautiful areas in Nagorno-Karabakh.

→ Tending to farm animals.


Payment for this trip is non-refundable after booking is complete.

In case of cancellation of booking, the whole amount will be charged.

The Price Includes:

→ 4×4 car rental.
→ Fuel.
→ Stay in local houses.
→ Three meals a day.
International guide.
→ Entrance fees according to the itinerary.
→ Pub crawl in the center of Yerevan on the first night.

The Price does not Include:

→ Flight tickets
→ Alcohol
→ Souvenirs
→ Gratuities
→ Anything that is not written or agreed upon in advance

Important Notes:

→ The Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh is safe and the population is friendly.

→ This adventure is subject to the elements of weather, and political developments in the region. It might require route and location changes on the spot.

→ The adventure includes additional locations that are not disclosed currently and will be revealed on location.


  1. Yerevan