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Private Masada Tour

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Any visit to Israel demands a tour of Masada, an ancient fortress steeped in history and sat atop a beautiful plateau overlooking the Dead Sea. However, not all tours are created equal, since a good story is nothing without a gifted storyteller. 


On our tour you will learn about Masada's history of Roman rule and zealotry, as well as a little bit about the area where it is situated, from the best guides on the field. 

The story of Masada has earned the castle a UNESCO World Heritage Site status, so it is certainly more than just another national park. This is your chance to join a professional Wild-Trails guide for a private tour around the fortress, and hear its amazing story from a passionate, knowledgeable local.

Even if you’ve visited Masada before, after this tour you will see it in a totally new light

The tour does not include entrance/cable car fees to Masada.

From ILS 200

+1 Additional options

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You will meet your guide on top of Masada, at the shed in front of the cable car. Once everyone has gathered, you will begin the tour.

From that moment on you will be taken on a journey through time, as our guide tells Masada’s stories and secret, from the day it was built until the present day.

Once you’ve seen everything and all the pieces of the puzzle have been connected, our guide will take you back to where you began, and leave you with a new way to see an old site.


→ Guided tour in a UNESCO Heritage Site

→ The history of Masada revealed

→ A great view over the Dead Sea and Jordan 

Extra Services

→ Transportation to Masada


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