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Judean Desert - Luxury Meal & Water Drop Service

From ILS 840

Our meal and water drop services for hikers will take all of the pressure away, and allow you to enjoy your adventure!


Wild-Trails Water Drops help backpackers overcome one of the biggest obstacles in the desert - finding water! As your trek progresses, our logistics team will follow your journey and will leave you a heart-warming and thirst quenching package of mineral water along with a delicious lunch and dinner spread, to take a toll off of your trek.


From ILS 840

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Drop Locations - Option A

Birkat Tzfira

Masada West

Har Qanna'im campground

Be'er Ef`e

Tzuk Tamrur


Drop Locations - Option B 

Lot Campground

Mor Campground

Tze’elim Campground

Mishmar Campground

Rahaf Campground

Nahal Amiaz

Mount Holed

Ma’ale Yair

The price includes:

Water drops in campgrounds throughout the desert

4 liters per person per drop

Desert lunch spread with tuna, veggies, pitas, and stuffed grape leaves

Desert dinner spread with vegetarian poyke stew, Bedouin pitas, and beer

Pallet for firewood 


Optional Add-Ons: 


Gear delivery between points

Satellite device


  1. Arad (IL)