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Judean Desert - Meal & Water Drop Service

From ILS 840

Our meal and water drop services for hikers will take all of the pressure away, and allow you to enjoy your adventure!


Wild-Trails Water Drops help backpackers overcome one of the biggest obstacles in the desert - finding water! As your trek progresses, our logistics team will follow your journey and will leave you a heart-warming and thirst quenching package of mineral water along with a delicious desert spread, to take a toll off of your trek.


From ILS 840

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Drop Locations - Option A

Birkat Tzfira

Masada West

Har Qanna'im campground

Be'er Ef`e

Tzuk Tamrur


Drop Locations - Option B 

Lot Campground

Mor Campground

Tze’elim Campground

Mishmar Campground

Rahaf Campground

Nahal Amiaz

Mount Holed

Ma’ale Yair

The price includes:

Water drops in campgrounds throughout the desert

4 liters per person per drop

Desert lunch spread with tuna, veggies, pitas, and stuffed grape leaves

Pallet for firewood 


Optional Add-Ons: 


Gear delivery between points

Satellite device


  1. Arad (IL)