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Kibbutz Tour & Fruit Picking - Elifaz

On this tour of Kibbutz Elifaz you will meet those who live and work in the kibbutz and learn about their lives. The kibbutz system of communal communities is unique to Israel, and is an important part of its history. Kibbutz Elifaz is located in the Arava Valley near Eilat and is a testament to the fact that the desert can flower with just a bit of effort and will. Any vacation in Israel absolutely requires a visit to a kibbutz, and Elifaz is one of the best!


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We begin the tour by meeting our hosts and learning a little about them. They will take us on a tour of the kibbutz grounds.

We will visit the greenhouses and orchards of the kibbutz, and learn how things are grown in the middle of the desert.  

Towards the ends of the tour, we will venture out to the Samar Dunes, which are right on the border with Jordan. We will learn about the history of Israel’s relationship with Jordan, and about the peace process.

The tour ends with a real treat, as we get to go fruit picking and taste whatever is in season!  


Duration: 2.5 hours


The price includes: 


Fruit picking


The price does not include:


Additional expenses

Anything not agreed upon in advance



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