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Musa's House - Bedouin hospitality

Sleeping at the Musa's House - real Bedouin hospitality

Located in the middle of the desert, Musa's house is the place to understand the reality of Bedouin life.

Come and enjoy a few nights in a unique Bedouin village in the Judean Desert. In this special homestay, you will experience the traditional Bedouin lifestyle.

Aside from the amazing hospitality in the village, the hills of the mountain range offer a wide variety of attractions and activities. This homestay is suitable for individuals, families and small groups. Don’t miss your chance for this one of a kind experience!

The kitchen:
Bedouins traditionally cook food over a woodburning stove that also acts as a fireplace. 

Washing facilities: 
As in-house toilets are not standard in the village, you will have the rustic experience of using an outhouse with a squat toilet. 

Bedouin Coffee Workshop
Unfiltered Bedouin Experience

This is a Muslim village, so please do not bring any alcohol. 


The price includes:

Accommodations in the family's home
Bedouin tea


Price does not include:

Anything not otherwise listed, or not agreed upon in advance. 

Meal options: 
-> Breakfast 35 NIS
-> Lunch 45 NIS
-> Dinner 45 NIS


--> Lodging with a Bedouin family in the Judean Desert