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Eid Al-Adha Celebration Tour

When traditions and celebrations come together, we know it’s going to be interesting...

Join Wild-Trails for an authentic Middle Eastern holiday and celebrate it like the natives.

Eid Al-Adha is one of the most important holidays for the Muslims, also known as Eid-al Kabir (the big feast). The holiday marks the day in the Muslim calendar to perform the Haj’, the pilgrimage to Mecca.The celebration itself lasts for four days, and the pilgrimage for a week.
But enough with the technical details for now .... 

What are we actually going to do?
Get up close and personal with the family of a Bedouin tribe for an authentic celebration, starting from the morning prayer before sunrise to the sacrifice feast in the morning, and everything in between.

 When we say “AUTHENTIC”, we mean it.

This experience is for those who dare to participate in the traditions of the old, with no filters attached ......

Join us for this year’s celebration and witness a spectacular mix of tradition, food, and culture.


We will depart from the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel early in the morning and make our way to the south Hebron mountain range to our host village

Once we reach the Bedouin village, we will meet with our host and have a light breakfast. From that moment on,  we will join the villagers in their preparations for the holiday, all the while explaining more about the traditions involved, from the decorations to the food preparations.

After lunch, we will say our goodbye to our hosts and make our way back to the hostel.

→ A pure experience from the eyes of the locals.
→ A once-a-year celebration.
→ Involve and get close with the desert nomad community.

The price includes:
→ English speaking local Guide.
→ Light breakfast in the Bedouin village.
→ Participation in the holiday preparation.
→ Coffee and tea. 
→ Eid Al-Adha traditional lunch. 

Price doesn’t include:
→ Transportation (optional).
→ Anything that was not agreed upon against Wild-Trails.

Important notes:

This is a PURE experience, you are going to witness the celebrations and preparations as the locals do. Part of it includes goat/sheep slaughtering and processing. Please take this into consideration.

We are going to visit a traditional family, some of the traditions might evoke judgemental commentary towards the community. However, this is not a place for such commentary and guests must remain respectful towards our hosts.

Ladies are to be dressed modestly for the occasion. Immodest clothing will not be allowed on this tour.

This is not a political tour. We ask all our clients, regardless of their own personal beliefs, to open their minds and allow themselves to experience the occasion in an unbiased way.


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